Friday, September 06, 2013

The Monsters

So I try to take really as many photos as possible as my kids!  I hate that time passes by so fast and I find myself only remember little details from photos.  I would hate to miss something!  So I usually snap at least a photo a day or at least a week!  Sorry...but it's overload of my kids on here...the whole point I guess.

Ella is quite the little one I tell ya.  She's literally like having 5 kids...I love her to pieces but now I know maybe why my own mother drank coffee DURING the day! hahah.  This chick is fast, quiet, smart and definitely has more energy than me!  I'm amazed daily at how well she talks for being 1.5yrs old.  She's saying 5-6 word sentances and talks NON-STOP.  I love how she can say words I wouldn't really expect from her.  She's ALWAYS getting scolded for something but it doesn't phase her.  She doesn't care.  She MAY cry here and there but very rarely.  She's the most sympathetic little booger...when Breckin gets in trouble she's the first over there asking if he's okay and telling him he WILL be okay.  She always gives a hug even if he got in trouble for being mean to her.  She's simply and all!

They LOVE yogurt and for whatever reason, she prefers using her hands over the spoon although she is quite capable of doing so.  Here she is showing her true colors...a face only a mother could love! haha.

Breckin was being extra cute today and has, just yesterday, informed me that he is now a big boy.  He goes to school, doesn't take naps, eats like a big boy at the table and can pull up his own underwear and pants after going to the bathroom!  I'm seriously so very proud of this boy.  He has a heart of gold...he gets that from his Tata...his best friend.  He misses her so much and talks about here constantly.  Even in his sleep.  He has imaginary phone conversations with her and they giggle a lot! He's always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what.  He's growing up so ALMOST makes me want another.  Well...too late for that!

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Tanya Johnson said...

Oh how I love reading about these babies!! :) They are both so amazing, smart and full of life! I can't wait to come visit in November!! I love you Brown Family!!!