Friday, September 06, 2013

The Monsters

So I try to take really as many photos as possible as my kids!  I hate that time passes by so fast and I find myself only remember little details from photos.  I would hate to miss something!  So I usually snap at least a photo a day or at least a week!  Sorry...but it's overload of my kids on here...the whole point I guess.

Ella is quite the little one I tell ya.  She's literally like having 5 kids...I love her to pieces but now I know maybe why my own mother drank coffee DURING the day! hahah.  This chick is fast, quiet, smart and definitely has more energy than me!  I'm amazed daily at how well she talks for being 1.5yrs old.  She's saying 5-6 word sentances and talks NON-STOP.  I love how she can say words I wouldn't really expect from her.  She's ALWAYS getting scolded for something but it doesn't phase her.  She doesn't care.  She MAY cry here and there but very rarely.  She's the most sympathetic little booger...when Breckin gets in trouble she's the first over there asking if he's okay and telling him he WILL be okay.  She always gives a hug even if he got in trouble for being mean to her.  She's simply and all!

They LOVE yogurt and for whatever reason, she prefers using her hands over the spoon although she is quite capable of doing so.  Here she is showing her true colors...a face only a mother could love! haha.

Breckin was being extra cute today and has, just yesterday, informed me that he is now a big boy.  He goes to school, doesn't take naps, eats like a big boy at the table and can pull up his own underwear and pants after going to the bathroom!  I'm seriously so very proud of this boy.  He has a heart of gold...he gets that from his Tata...his best friend.  He misses her so much and talks about here constantly.  Even in his sleep.  He has imaginary phone conversations with her and they giggle a lot! He's always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what.  He's growing up so ALMOST makes me want another.  Well...too late for that!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Picking up in 2013


So January was here and while Dustin was trying to figure out when he would start in Washington, I was trying to plan Ella's 1st birthday and keep his 30th birthday a surprise!  Well....that didn't work...I told him.  Mainly because I obviously wanted him to be here for it! haha.  For Dustin's 30th birthday he got what he's ALWAYS wanted...a Duramax!  Yes, he got a truck for his birthday...what a nice wife, right?

If you know Dustin you know this truck does NOT look the same as this photo!  I'll post an update.  This man is seriously the hardest working husband.  He's always willing to work extra if I need/want something, bills need paid, needs new fender flares for the know...he's grown up sooo much since I met him in 2007; it amazes me.  I knew I fell in love with him for a reason.  I'm so thankful to have him in my life and blessed that God chose him as my lifelong partner (in crime...well...not really...i'm not into that.)

For his big 3-0 I wanted it to be special, and with him leaving for Washington what better than a nice party.  I unfortunately didn't take ANY photos, I know you are thinking how did THAT happen?  But here are his invitations, made by none other than me!  Yep, I DID that!

The party was a success and Dustin really enjoyed his birthday I think!  YAY!  

After the big party came Ella's big shebang.  She turned 1 just a few days before Dustin's birthday.  The kids need nor want for much so we decided to celebrate with no presents.  We made a donation to Cardon Children's Medical Center in Ella's name for those that did bring a small donation to her party!  We celebrated at home with family and a few close friends.  I love family time. I made the cake and Ella's Aunt Lisa made the frosting.  It was topped with cute little bunting, as this was the theme to her birthday.  I didn't get many photos...why I have NO idea! But as always, a photo session was done prior to her birthday so that works!  

 Happy Birthday Dustin & Ella!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Worlds Longest Blog Post...Playing Catch-up

Sooo...I'm trying to get better at blogging...mainly because I want to delete Facebook and use this mainly to keep family in the loop (reason for Facebook to begin with).  So here goes...i'll catch you all up quickly on what's been going on the last year for our family!
This is Miss Ella mid May before our trip to Oklahoma; she was 4mo by then and Breckin was a few months shy of turning 2!  Holy cow...time flies.  So in June we had just got home from visiting Oklahoma, Dustin, Breckin & my Dad went out there for wheat harvest while my Dad visited family!  Ella and I caught a plane to Dallas and made the trip with Lisa and her babies for the long Memorial Day weekend.  FUN!!

Upon returning home from Oklahoma I set up some family photos at Britney & Nathan's and I LOVE how they turned out!  Don't you?  Sure you do!!

June also had the Stick Horse Parade in Show Low and our usual trip to Christopher Creek!

July came and we spent our 3rd wedding anniversary soaking up the sun in Tucson at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort and hung out with Uncle Matt!  He of course took the babies for the night and we were able to relax and enjoy some adult beverages...yes, they had alcohol in them!  The best kind! haha.  Just kidding...we RARELY drink! I can't find the pictures from this staycation...i'm sure you are gonna be overloaded anyhow!

I'm honestly racking my brain to think about what happened the next several months because it was all a blur, but i'll refer to my photos! Haha.  Family BBQ's, warm weather and SUN!

   Mid August we found out Tanya was up for the battle of her life with the dreaded C word, had surgery the end of August and in September started Chemo. For Labor Day Dustin took a trip to Spokane to visit his Dad, was suppose to be a nice weekend getaway for the two of us but I couldn't bear to leave Tanya behind with surgery on 8/31.  Dustin brought back a truck, furniture and HUGE cucumbers.  During the month of September, as it was a trying time for all, we were living with Tanya & Scott and we decided what good a time as any to move out...before she started treatment.  She sure appreciated the peace and quite.  We searched and searched and search and finally found a Townhouse just up the road from Tanya & Scott (our best friends) and we moved in that weekend...Tanya started Chemo/Radiation that Monday.  We did a mini photo shoot after surgery, before treatment!  I think this is my ALL time favorite photo I've ever taken! If you would like to see how she's doing please go visit, she's seriously the most inspirations gal i've ever met!  She's always so upbeat with all these trials in front of her.  Check up on her @ Hope For Tanya!

As we settled in to our new place the end of September we prepared for Halloween and Breckin's birthday and managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Spokane to see Tod & Anne before Breckin turned 2, since he flies free until then! haha.  While there, we met Randy Cahalan, a friend of Anne's and we had some family photos taken!  Here are the photos from that weekend!

 After our trip to Spokane we took a weekend trip up north to visit family and hit up the Pumpkin Patch in Taylor!  Of course...we had fun and had to take pictures!

Halloween was a smash...we celebrated Breckin's actual birthday with a pizza cookie (sorry...iPhone pictures) since his party was the following weekend along with some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  I made the costumes...Ella was a clown and Breckin was a bum.  Everyone LOVED their costumes...I believe someone even whipped out their cell phone to snap a picture of our bum! haha.  They got a good amount of candy and we ended the night at Tata's house!

Breckin's 2nd birthday party was held at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler with family and friends with a John Deere tractor theme...picked out by Breckin!   Every year (well okay, this was only the 2nd time) I do birthday photos and cards...isn't he too cute?  Mom and I had fun doing these down the road in the orange groves...or what was left of them.

His birthday party was of course great, he got TONS of toys...well Trucks, cars, trains...motorized stuff.  Whenever someone asked what he needed Dustin would say he wants trucks...which he did...but we didn't know EVERYONE would get him one! haha.  Thanks for all who celebrated with us!

As we rolled into the winter we decided to sell the Sequoia and get a gas-saver...enter the VW Jetta TDI!  It was so cute...great deal...great price...not so great on the leg room! worked.  We got it just in time to make the drive to Oklahoma to see Dustin's Mom and family for Thanksgiving!  While we got there in 12.5hrs, only filled up once and Breckin slept the ENTIRE way, it was NOT a comfy ride!

We enjoyed the nice holiday weekend with family and headed back home to find some nice goodies at our house from Bob & Merrie while they watched the dogs!  It was the perfect start to Christmas!  LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas...did you know that?

Well...December came and while we were in Spokane in October Dustin had been talking to a company about a possible job opportunity in the Tacoma/Puyallup area.  Well...he took the job!!  We flew back to Washington early December and met with the owners and accepted the offer and now we had to decide when we were going to move.  Well the best thing we could come up with was that Dustin finish out the year at Modern and then move up.  

Christmas came next and while we were so blessed with health, family, roof over our heads and life in general we decided to NOT have the traditional Christmas.  We still got a Christmas tree and decorated but the kids get stuff throughout the year and lets face it, don't go without.  So we got some friends together and we sponsored a family.  This Christmas was BY FAR the best Christmas I can remember.  The kids did not receive any gifts from us, but we also celebrated in Chandler, Show Low and Queen Creek!  They had PLENTY!  This was the first year Christmas was at Bannon's...they went out and cut a tree and all while us girls stayed behind and hung out! haha.

 still with me? haha.  That was our year, from mid May to Christmas!  Love that we made SOOO many memories and love even more that I am able to document this and keep forever, since i've forgotten most of it.  PICTURES ARE AMAZING...